Wed 21 Oct 2020 15:49

Risk Assessment
Wanstead RFC – age grade competitive Ready4Rugby, Adapted contact rugby activity

This risk assessment is formulated in line with the England Rugby “Return to Rugby Roadmap” and current Government and Public Health England advice. COVID19 is an evolving pandemic, hence this risk assessment will be kept under continuous review.

Facilities that are open must follow government guidance and legislation regarding health, social distancing, maximum group sizes, hygiene and restrictions on operating hours.

Hazard COVID 19 Contamination

Risk: Risk of serious illness, physical degradation and fatality. It is impossible to guarantee that this risk is fully negated due to the aggressive nature of the pandemic and ease of transmission

Likelihood: Possible
eople at Risk: Participants, referees and officials, spectators, club staff Severity: Serious

Initial Risk Rating HIGH



• All visitors to the club (including playing participants) scan the QR code into the NHS Track and Trace App
• Records of visitors to club premises kept for 21 days top support NHS Track and Trace
• All visitors to the club maintain a one metre plus distance
• Good hygiene is facilitated and promoted (signage, sanitiser)
• Extensive COVID19 specific signage across the club premises
• One-way circulation and entrance/exit within club premises
• Face masks worn at all times inside club facilities, when not sat down
• Group size restrictions (currently 6) and social bubble guidance followed
• Cleaning regime strictly pursued – before, during and after facility occupation
• Availability of hands sanitising stations throughout club premises
• All playing equipment disinfected regularly

Playing specific:

• Players arrive in playing kit
• Visiting players/participants inducted into safe use of host facilities
• Communal changing not allowed
• Changing areas monitored by club staff – showers not in use
• Contact activity during match play not to exceed 15 minutes
• Balls and equipment sanitised after each activity

Ready 4 Rugby game guidance:

England Rugby “Ready4Rugby” game guidance strictly adhered to (see attached addendum)
All participants fully briefed
Matchplay is regulated with use of official(s) to ensure compliance with guidance

Adapted contact rugby activity:

All contact activity must be carried out in small groups – maximum 6 players per group

RUCK: maximum 2x2 players in a ruck (ball carrier and tackler, plus 1v1 on their feet over the ball. No team game play activity.

LINEOUT: Unopposed lineout drills. Lifting of a jumper, restricted to U16’s and older. Ball thrown to a catcher. Limit the time the front lifter and jumper are face to face in lineout to under 3 seconds. No opposed jumping. No maul to be formed after the ball is secured.

TACKLING: Tackles at waist or below only. 1v1 tackles only. Small group activity – preferably working in pairs for the entire activity. Use of tackle bags, shields and pads that are cleaned and sanitised after each player use. No upright tackles. No tackling above the waist including trying to hold the ball carrier up or prevent an offload. No team play activity. No equipment such as tackle pads, bags and shields to be used by multiple people without cleaning and sanitising. Coaches mustn’t hold pads or bags for age grade players.

SCRUM: None allowed. No scrum practice allowed, including use of scrum machines

MAUL: None allowed. No maul practice activity allowed, including from a lineout
Further action required
All club staff, coaches and management:

• To monitor the compliance with social distancing, use of PPE, standards of hygiene
• To monitor understanding and compliance with adapted rugby game guidance
• To provide advice to ensure that all current COVID19 standards are adhered to
• Review as necessary

Residual Risk Rating MEDIUM
Assessed by: Paul Lazarus, October 2020
Monitored by: Rugby Safe Lead, Management Committee